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Drabble - zackgage

Jan. 25th, 2006

04:15 pm - Drabble

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This is OC from the actual ending of KH2, I have no idea what the dialogue is, because I haven’t bothered to download it and listen, but oh well, this is all for laughs anyway.

Sora's Secret

Sora, Kairi, and Riku, they’re finally united, and finally back home on Destiny Island. A place that Riku, nor Sora, has seen it what seems like ages. Through their journeys, each of them has matured, and each has gone through their own hardships. Mickey is kind of just there, seeing how he’s not from Destiny Island. Before giving a parting word, King Mickey handed Sora an envelope, in which a letter resided.

“What does it say?” Kairi stepped up to his side and tried peering over his shoulder.

“Um…” Sora scratched the back of his head before unfolding the letter.

“Read it out loud.” Riku suggested, leaning his arm on the shoulder boy as he leaned against him to peer down at the letter.

“Shh! I’m reading.” Sora exclaimed having become annoyed with both of them. His eyes darted across from side to side, breezing through the symbols and letters written across the paper.

“Oh come on Sora, read it to us. I wanna know what it says!” Kairi complained.

“Fine..” Sora rolled his eyes before he glanced down at the paper. His brows knitted together in concentration, “It says um…”

“Just read it already… or give it to me and I’ll read it.” Riku held his hand out to him, expecting him to have the letter handed to him.

“No! I wanna do it!” Kairi exclaimed reaching for the paper.

“I’ll read it, just give me a moment.” Sora shrugged both of them off of his shoulders. “De… Dear… Keh… key bladder…”

“Bladder?” Kairi gave a lost look, and Riku snatched the letter from Sora’s hands.

“This says Keyblader… Not bladder.” He raised a long brow at Sora, and pointed to another word on the letter, “Sora, what is this word?”

Sora bit his bottom lip in concentration, “Conscious-nated?” He replied dumbly.

Riku glanced back at the letter than at Sora, “You mean to tell me, you are the Keyblade Master, have killed thousands of Heartless, sealed the door to Kingdom Hearts… you went through everything that’s happened to us…. And you don’t even know how to read?”

“I know how to read!” Sora defended himself, “They were just big words.”

Riku pointed to another word, “What’s this word?”


“Um….” Kairi bit her lip and giggled, “Since we’re all such good ‘friends’ me and Riku will help you out with your little problem.”

“But I can read!”


Date:January 27th, 2006 03:06 am (UTC)
Ehehehe. Poor Sora. Its actually really plausible that he wouldn't know how to read. ^^

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